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Felinology is an all breed TICA chartered cat club presenting A Two Day Alternative Format International Cat Show


Official show times 9am – 5pm

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th October 2017

Please see the below for more information and dont forget the check the tabs on show details for more information on vendors, sponsors, judges and our feed ring charity donations. Why not have a quick look at what happened at our 2016 show?




Pascal Remy (France) AB

Sue Hart-Jones (UK) SP

Yan Lavrentyev (Latvia) AB

WCF Guest Judge

Jelena Lavrentyeva (Latvia) AB

WCF Guest Judge


Kim Tomlin (USA) AB

Katherina Krenn (Austria) AB

Jane Allen (UK) AB

Erwin van der Bunden (Austira) SP


Pascal Remy (France) AB

Sue Hart-Jones (UK) SP

Yan Lavrentyev (Latvia) AB

WCF Guest Judge

Jelena Lavrentyeva (Latvia) AB

WCF Guest Judge


Kim Tomlin (USA) AB

Katherina Krenn (Austria) AB

Jane Allen (UK) AB

Erwin van der Bunden (Austira) SP

The Club Reserves the Right to substitute Judges if Necessary

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We have an official show hotel for exhibitors but please find a link below to hotels in the local area. Please check prior to booking that the hotel of your choice accepts pets.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to change the official show hotel. Please contact us if you need a refund on your room. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Travelodge Walton-On-Thames - 2.3miles from Show Hall (approximately 7 minutes drive)

From approximately £56.00 per night

Ashley Park Road, Walton-On-Thames, Surrey KT12 1JP, United Kingdom (Sat Nav post code: KT12 1JP – Tel: 08715 591850

Brook Kingston Lodge Hotel -  7 miles from Show Hall (approximately 21 minutes drive)

From approximately £80 per night - Please note there is an additional charge of £20 per cat. Please contact us if you would like the manager details.

Brook Kingston Lodge Hotel, 94 Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7NP

The White Hart Hotel - 5.6 miles from Show Hall (approximately 16 mins drive)

From approximately £106 per night - Please note there is an additional charge per cat.

The White Hart Hotel, 1 High St, Hampton Wick, Kingston upon Thames KT1 4DA

Premier Inn - 4.8miles from Show Hall (approximately 17 minutes drive)

From approximately £58.50 per night

68 Staines Road West, Sunbury Cross, TW16 7AT – Tel: 0871 527 9054


Holiday Inn Kingston South - 5.2miles from Show Hall (approximately 14 minutes drive)

From approximately £91.18 per night

Kingston Tower, Portsmouth Road, Surbiton, KT6 5QQ – Tel 0871 423 4896


Holiday Inn Shepperton – 2.9miles from Show Hall (approximately 11 minutes drive)

From approximately £68.40 per night

Felix Lane, Shepperton, TW17 8NP – Tel: 0871 423 4896


The Hilton Cobham – 5.4miles from Show Hall (approximately 14 minutes drive)

From approximately £155.00 per night

Seven Hills Road South, Cobham, KT11 1EW – Tel: 01932 864 471


Best Western Ship Hotel – 3.4miles from Show Hall (approximately 13 minutes drive)

From approximately £125.10 per night

70 High Street, Monument Green, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 8BQ – Tel: 0844 387 6283


The Brooklands Hotel – 7.9miles from Show Hall (approximately 20 minutes drive)

From approximately £125.00 per night

Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0SL – Tel: 01932 335710

Friendly Reminder - Please leave the hotel room in the condition you found it and put all cat litter in trash bags, open windows and put air sprays around, the condition of your hotel room reflects on the entire cat fancy. Please help us keep these hotels cat friendly. You will be liable for any cleaning costs deemed necessary by the hotel.

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Felinology will be running a Best of the Best at this Show with some fantastic prizes for the winners.

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The entry forms can be found on TOES, please ensure the information provided about your cats is correct. Entry and Master Clerk is Rebecca Wagstaff:

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We will take entries up to midnight on Monday 2nd October 2017 or until the hall is full. Please remember this is an Alternative Format show so we are limited to 125 entries per day.

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Own Pen – 1 x Double space included

1 cat                 1 day              £50        per cat (1 x bench space included)

2 cats               1 day              £90        2 cats 1 day (£45 per cat sharing bench space)

3 cats               1 day              £120      3 cats 1 day (£40 per cat 2 x bench spaces included)

Additional cats                       £35        per cat (sharing bench space)

Companion                              £25       per cat (sharing bench space)


Please note that only 2 cats or 3 kittens are allowed per double pen or Sturdi


Own Pen – 1 x Double space included

1 cat                 2 days              £100     (£50 per cat per day1 x bench space included)

2 cats               2 days              £180     (£45 per cat per day sharing bench space)

3 cats               2 days              £240     (£40 per cat per day 2 x bench space included)

Additional cats                         £50       (£25 per cat per day sharing bench space)

Companion Cat                         £50       (£25 per cat per day sharing bench space)


INTERNATIONAL DISCOUNT– £20 off 2 cats for 2 days


HOUSHOLD PETS  - 10% Discount 


Grooming Space £15 for the weekend

Metal Double Pen £15 for the weekend

Exhibition Pen £30 (per pen per day - max 2 cats or 3 kittens)


  • All fees and services related to the show are due and payable within 24 hours of entry form or placeholder submission, whether it be by website or phone constitutes an agreement to pay for those services, even if you fail to bench, or withdraw from the show.

  • Overpayment will be considered a donation to the club.  Entry fees are non-refundable

  • Please note that we are not currently accepting cheques.

  • Payment on the door must be in cash and will incur a £10 surcharge if agreed with the entry clerk in writing otherwise it will be £10 plus tardy turtle

  • Entry Fees include a donation to the EW Regional Fund, any extra donations are gratefully received


THE 25 CLUB - Cats number 1, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 will be eligible for a 10% discount for the Felinology Show.


TARDY TURTLE - This will incur a £15 surcharge per cat, per day (i.e. confirmation of place holder after 2 October 2017 or payment received more than 72 hours after entering without written agreement from Entry Clerk)


SUBSTITUTION OF A PREVIOUSLY ENTERED CAT - This will incur an additional cost of £10 per entry and is only available until the show is declared closed.



All payments can be made either via bank transfer or by PayPal




Lloyds Bank





Please advise the entry clerk that you have paid this way.




Please send it as a personal payment and pay fees or add £2.50 per cat per day to cover the Paypal fee. Alternatively use button below.

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Vetting in starts on Saturday at 07:30am and 08:00am on Sunday.  All exhibitors must check in, present vaccination cards and collect a catalogue. You should check in all days so we can compile the absence list. 


Judging starts at 9.00am Saturday and Sunday. Please arrive promptly so we can begin on time as this is an Alternate Format Show.

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Please enclose SAE for confirmation with entry only if you have not supplied an email address. It is your responsibility to ensure you have received a confirmation, if you have not received a confirmation please call or email the entry clerk before the closing date of show.  

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Benching will be in traditional rows. The club will provide double bench spaces 4’ x 2’ or double metal pens as requested.  Each double space or cage may only hold a maximum of 2 cats or 3 kittens

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Please bring your own litter/trays/cat food/water/dishes and bedding. Forgotten items will be available for purchase from vendors but choice may be limited. Cage Drapes are optional. Waste bins will be provided but please do not put soiled litter in the bin as it smells and is not nice to clear up or be near; bags will be supplied for you to put the soiled litter in. Please do not drop litter around your pen, or shake out your Sturdi etc. on the floor. The area around your pen should be left as you find it. It is really essential to keep the Leisure centre on side, this will be the first TICA show in the venue so it is very important to show them what lovely exhibitors we are.



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This is a Vetted show. All cats should be in date for vaccinations with Feline Enteritis and cat flu, records must be produced at check in with the Vet. Any cat showing signs of illness, disease, fleas, fungus or mites will have to leave the show hall. ALL CLAWS MUST BE CLIPPED BEFORE CHECKING IN. Remember they do have four legs!!

Any obviously pregnant or lactating cat will be disqualified.

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There is a catering outlet just outside the show hall, which will be open and serving hot/cold food from 8am-4pm both days.

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We are looking for Ring Sponsors for a fee of £60 for the duration of the show. If you already have a banner we are happy to use it if not we can design one and get it made up with your Cattery name, details and logo. Please contact us on if you wish to sponsor a ring.

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If unsure of colour/pattern send a picture with your entry and it will be returned. If your cat has a bushy tail then it should be entered as a longhair. Household pet adults must have been Neutered/Altered.

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We need both! Please indicate on the entry form which day(s) you are available to help make this show an outstanding success. Clerks will receive £25 per day, free lunch. Stewards will receive £10 and a free lunch. (Please volunteer early for these essential jobs)

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We welcome you to the Felinology show! Please indicate on your entry form that this is your first show.  For help filling in the entry form or if you would like the help of a more seasoned exhibitor on the day, please call 07951995877.

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With exception of New Traits, Preliminary New Breeds, Advanced New Breeds, and Household Pets, registration with TICA is not necessary to compete for a cat’s first show, but is required for the next show and confirmation of titles and scoring for the TICA regional/international scoring and awards.

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The nearest airports are either Heathrow or Gatwick. The Channel Tunnel is only one hour and 36 minutes by car via the M20 or M25. Approximately 85.6 miles to the Show Hall. Regrettably the club cannot provide transport. 

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By entering, exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges, the rules and regulations of The International Cat Association (TICA) and the rules of TickedTICA’s show committee. Copies of the show rules and registration information are available for $7 each from TICA, PO Box 2684, Harlingen Texas 78551 USA or via

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Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Complex, Felinology Cat Club and The International Cat Association can not be held responsible for injury, loss, damage to cats, exhibitors or vendors or personal property of anyone in attendance.

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Please click on the below link to download a copy of the official show flyer


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